v.Services Application Platform

v.Services Application Platform

Conor Information Technologies’ v.Services Application Platform is purpose-built for mobile operators. It incorporates Conor’s knowledge, experience and innovative ideas in helping operators understand technological trends and designing solutions that fit their unique technological landscape. v.Services offers operators more than Telco technologies that traditionally include complex industry standards. It offers an application management platform that is fast, open and secure allowing for new products and services to be rapidly launched into the market.

Below modules form part of the v.Services offering:

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The v.Connect module enables operators, via connection convergence, to share data products across 3G/4G, DSL and WiFi. v.Connect is aware of the operators’ subscribers. It monitors and controls the data usage policies that allow subscribers to connect to a network, how and when they can browse and also what charging plan will be applied. Policies can be defined in real-time on a live network. It leverages capabilities from the v.Services platform and its other modules to facilitate the above.

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The v.Mobile module is specifically designed to allow for the rapid creation of USSD applications. It can receive messages directly from the signalling network via its full USSD gateway capability. Also, it supports WASP management and short code routing capability. Operators can launch new applications and services via the USSD channel such as USSD chat and social networking etc. It leverages capabilities from the v.Services platform and it’s modules to facilitate the above.

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The v.Comms module provides unified communications to operators that can be used to provide subscribers with a single inbox for all messaging channels. Standard functionality includes MMS, SMS and Email for one to one and bulk messaging. Enhanced functionality includes spam and virus management and content filtering.

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The v.Profile module performs a supportive function to all other modules in terms of subscribers profile management. Applications can create and manage subscriber’s profiles in a central place shared across all modules.

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The v.Billing module enables operators to manage real-time charging by monitoring subscriber spend and sending them notifications of their usage. It can perform all quota bundle management services. It allows operators the ability to offer their subscribers a fully integrated eWallet. It also performs a supportive function to all other modules in terms of billing.

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