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Subscriber Profile Management

Subscriber data is a principal asset held by operators. Subscriber Profile Management allows operators to consolidate and manage their cross-domain subscriber data encompassing access preferences, authentication, services, identities, location and presence into unified data repositories. It can consolidate profile data across mobile and fixed networks.

Operators can manage subscriber accounts and profiles for services through authentication, authorization and accounting (AAA). Authentication and authorization capabilities enable registered subscribers and equipment with network access to use services; accounting capabilities quantify service usage.

Managing the subscriber profile or data successfully enables considerable OPEX reductions and allows operators to deliver more personalised services, thereby reducing churn. It also can effectively transform operators into brokers of subscriber identity to be used for their own services and for third parties such as content providers, mobile advertisers or retailers.

Subscriber Profile Management Brochure (171kb)

Subscriber Provisioning

Provisioning refers to the configuration of both hardware and software in order to activate telecommunication services for a subscriber. Provisioning allows the subscriber to access data and technology remotely. They can also look up secured data and grant authorization to network applications and databases by utilizing a unique identity process. Administrators can assign privileges to employees, contractors and business partners. Provisioning assists in monitoring the protection process of access privileges. This security feature is used in mobile phones to increase security and privacy. Provisioning reduces the number of configurations utilized and decreases the amount of abuse to the system.

There are currently five notable steps of provisioning, namely server, service, user, mobile subscriber and mobile content. Server and service provisioning deal with configuration and customisation. User deals with user objects, from creation through maintenance, until deactivation. Mobile subscriber is used to set up a new service for mobile phone subscribers. Mobile content provisioning brings all of the capabilities of the Internet to the mobile phone.

Subscriber Provisioning Brochure (157kb)