Insight Solutions

Turn you data into insight


v.Services Insight is a eco system of components that enables us to rapidly create solutions that makes sense of huge amounts of data. We use 3rd party products together with our own v.Services components to build a solution that caters for the client’s needs to address their Big Data challenges. We provide integration to sources in order to Extract, Transform/Cleanse, Load (ETL) it into the best suited repository for analysis. Once in the repository we use Machine Learning to further provide prediction and Business Intelligence to optimize your business and plan for the future. We mainly use Elastic but also use GPU and FPGA technologies where real time analysis is key and where interacting with huge data sets needs a rich response UX and sending out alerts immediately is of paramount importance.

Conor also provides enterprise and ecommerce search solution as part of our v.Services Search offering that also includes extensive analytics. Elastic Search is used as the underlying search engine.


  • Make sense out of data to make better business decisions
  • Help to monitor systems better and detect fraud
  • Enable realtime analytics
  • Increase sales and customer satisfaction
  • Reduce costs